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Rules and Conditions of Entry.


1.The judges decision is final in all cases.


2.The Riding Club and venue accepts no liability for any thefts, accidents, damage, illness or injury, however caused to horses, riders, spectators or any other persons or property whatsoever, save for death or personal injury caused by the negligence or organisers or anyone, for whom in law they are responsible.  Neither the organisers of the event, nor the landowners, or any other agent employed or representative of these bodies accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, illness or injuries to horses, riders, spectators, land, cars, their contents, and accessories or any other persons or property whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract, or in any other way whatsoever. It is recommended that owners/riders have adequate insurance to cover them at this event.


3.Horses and ponies MUST only be walked on the showground, warming up is to only be in the designated areas.  NO HORSES allowed under any circumstances in spectator areas.  Any misuse of equipment, whips, foul language and/or welfare of children or hosrses/ponies will result in you being asked to leave the showground and forfeit all entry fees paid.  


4.Please take all your litter and rubbish home with you, or place in bins provided.  Please clear up any hay or droppings around your horsebox and leave the showground neat and tidy. No horse or pony is to be left tied up outside their lorry or trailer unsupervised


5.The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to a horse/competitor


6.No entry fee will be refunded unless a certificate accompanies withdrawal from either a doctor or veterinary surgeon


7.Any objections must be made to the Secretary within 30 minutes of the incident, in writing, accompanied by a deposit of £20 which will be returned if the objection is upheld.


8.No horses/ponies under the age of 4yrs to be ridden & only horses competing allowed on the showground.


9.All dogs must be strictly on leads at all times


10.If insufficient entries prizes may be withheld in accordance with BD, BRC and BS rules


11.Indebtness to the Club either entry fees, membership fees or any other fees owing must be remedied within 5 working days, an administration charge of £20.00 will be added to the fees owing after this time and interest at 3% above Barclays base rate for each day the debt is not settled.


12.Any competitors found using the stables, that have not been booked and paid for will be charged the flat rate show fee of £70.00, which is levied on the club by Horse Creek Farm.


13.Any prizes won, must be collected at the show, any prizes that are custom made must be collected from Horse Creek Farm at a convenient time with a committee member please allow 6 – 8 weeks for personalised items to be made and received from sponors.  


14.All advertised prizes that are donated by sponsors, and advertised, may be subject to change if the prize is not received by the Club from the sponsor.


15.All Challenge trophies are to be returned to the Club by the date stated and good and clean condition.  Failure to return trophies to the Club by this time will forfeit the deposit held.  Failure to return trophies will result in the competitor being banned from WDRC, relevant governing bodies advised and the total cost of the trophy being owed to the Club.


16.Prizegivings must be mounted.